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October 2017

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Editor Note:

First let say a big thank you to Rob Goff who has spent the last couple of years as our Newsletter Editor. He really did do a great job and had many followers with his style of storytelling, he even managed to take the odd photo but he has now handed the job over. Well done Rob on great job and thanks.

If you have anything you would like to add or see in the newsletter please email us at

Next Event:
2 Dayer  November 4th & 5th Melbourne Cup long weekend
Saturday afternoon Test & Tune & Twilight Social night Sunday Race day

Saturday Afternoon Scrutineering from 11.30am Racing from 1pm finish by 5pm

We will be doing the Pizza night in-between $10 a head

Twilight Saturday evening from 7pm finished by midnight weather permitting

Sunday Scrutineering from 8.30am Racing from 10.15am finished and packed up by 5pm


Calendar of Events

Weekend Brief Last Event:

Welcome to our new Canteen Managers, Ruth Valence and Carolyn Donnan. We are going to love you guys and we are looking forward to the odd new line and some great food. They did an amazing job in the canteen first time out.

O and we have a tractor going again all thanks to Glenn McGillivray of GTM Mechanical Services who did a fantastic job of replacing the broken steering part on the tractor and fitting a working alternator. You have no idea how good it is to just go over and start the thing. Thank you very much Glenn and most likely Zara

Just before last weekend’s event Neil Albert and Ted & Lynne Paynter went out and did some mowing and slashing and you could really see where they had been we are going to need to do a bit more soon though or you will not see round the corners and the fire danger is only going to get higher from here. Thank you for that effort it was noticed.

Great day out for the 1st of October round and good turnout too considering; Football, Rugby and Deni plus we lost an hour with daylight savings. But, we had an awesome day with 23 competitor doing almost 500 starts. You know, that is 1000ks of racing as the track is 2 k long. We also trialed a  new smoother method of admin which worked very well with the end result being a lot less stress on the people doing all the paperwork. On track, it was slippery with odd bursts of traction making for a great level of excitement on every run. The exclusive 100 second club had a few less members this time out. There were winners, grinners and spinners yesterday and at one stage a 3 wheel test from Craig Williams in a falcon Ute but that was a fail. There are some great pics starting to be posted from Lyn Andrew Photography. Big thank you to all those that helped out too it makes the day so much easier when everyone lends a hand.

Race Report:


In the class wars Reg Johnson from Stawell was the man to beat in Class C in his Mitsubishi Gallant and had a smile on the dial all day even though he may have bumped into a couple of kangaroos on his way over in the morning. Edging out Glen King-Gee in his Suzuki swift that was making the tires squeal all day and then Club VP Neil Albert in his Get Reel Production Hyundai and you can see he was moving some dirt at time from the pics.

Class D saw some of the tables turned on last month with Chris Gibson in a Mitsubishi Lancer edging out Neil Donnan this time in his Ford Focus followed by Barry Middleton  in 3rd with a great drive. Barry was on a missing all day to find a bit of time on track. While Chris Gibson was giving it a bit of a go he may have gotten a little out of shape on the corner leading under the bridge and covered Lyn Andrew from Lyn Andrew Photography with a huge pile of dirt. He said it was an accident but you know.........

Class E was hotly contested with Leigh Passalick having an amazing run in his Holden commodore to take 1st followed by Kelvin Jobling in 2nd also in a Holden commodore with 3rd going to Jesse Schifferle also in a Holden Commodore who by the way sounds amazing with that V8. It is looking like after a few issues he is getting it sorted out. Not sure all the Holden’s is a sign of things to come for this weekend at Bathurst we will have to wait and see.  It was a Class E car that Craig Williams was running when he lost a back wheel while Jeff Oldfield came out in a very good looking Red E Series Falcon speedway car and looked to be having a ball. Jeff ended the day 5th in class.

Karli Valence in her Peugeot Coupe and Carolyn Donnan in her Mitsubishi lancer had an amazing battle and while they were the only class reps for Class J and Class L respectively they were within .40 sec over 4 laps with Carolyn taking the honours and weren’t they excited.

Class P New comer to the Club Andrew Blake come out to see what it would be like and found himself in 1st place in a Hyundai Elantra. So, you could say he had a good day and really looked to be enjoying himself. Next was Terry Ingram in 2nd in his Holden Commodore and then was his father Mick Ingram who was having his first go. He said to me, “if you had told me I would be starting a new hobby at 65 I would not have believed it but this is great.”

Also a new member to SHSCC is Ian Brain. He came up from Ballarat with his very well prepared Class P Peugeot 205 GTI and looking at his times he is a very consistent driver as over 16 laps he was only 3 seconds different on them all. A great display as he gets ready to contest in the VCAS series in 2018.

Class W saw the fastest times of the day with Glenn Williams having a good crack in a Subaru Liberty to take out 1st place and broke into that 100 club by at least 3 seconds followed by Jake Valence in 2ndin a Subaru Impreza which may have a little more damage that it had at the start of the day to the rear quarter panel with Adrian Coatsworth coming home in 3rd in his Subaru Impreza WRX who had to retire early with some electrical gremlin. 

A few Pics

These pics where taken by Lyn Andrew Photography

Lyn Also made a trip to Shepparton & District Car Club the Day before and do not forget you would be more than welcome at any of there events.

Reflection on Shep……


I had been saying to Justin for quite some time that I was going to come for a visit down to the Shepparton & District Car Club so Saturday 30th I finally bit the bullet and headed down. Neil had to work on that day and with all the prep that our members needed to do for our event on the Sunday meant that it was just me that went down. It was great to see how another club operate and run their events. The Shepparton guys have put in a system that SHSCC have been talking about for a little while now. They had a couple of gopro type cameras set up down the back end of their track (an area that can’t be seen from spectator area) and the cameras live streamed back to the club house TV via wifi….. Pretty impressive. Also what else impressed me what that race results were accessible by a smart phone. You could still view it on their club TV but your smart phone was an option too.

Well the dust down in Shepparton is just as bad as Swan Hill lol. And I think like some of our members, Shepparton members got a laugh out of dumping it on me too!!   That’s cool.


Thanks to Justin who took me for a lap around the track (no Kelvin it was not a race lap, you know how I feel about that) to give me a run down of the lay out, and for keeping me safe from the massive swarm of bees that were beside the track.


The day/night had 24 cars entered and Justin tells me it was one of the best turn ups they have had for a while. For me it was great to be at a different track and have some cars I had never seen before to photograph. Kiel Tripcony’s old Sigma was racing down there and it was still throwing up as much dust as it did when Kiel raced it at Swan Hill!!


A big thanks to all the members down there who made me feel welcome. They are a great friendly bunch of people down there, just like Swan Hill. Also, thanks to Leesa Melton (Greg’s wife and Lachlan’s Mum) for feeding me and keeping me watered!


there are many more on Facebook

Results By class with time split

Remember you must do 2 laps per lane to qualify

 these will be a bit bigger in the next one sorry

Number Firstname Lastname Class Vehicle Colour By Class Difference
30 Reg Johnson C Mitsubishi Galant White 1
14 Glen King-Gee C Susuki Swift Red 2 -10.08
53 Neil Albert C Hyundai Excel Blue 3 -7.83
17 Chris Gibson D Mitsubishi Lancer Silver 1
92 Neil Donnan D Ford Focus Hatch Silver 2 -0.87
64 Barry Middleton D Mitsubishi Lancer Blue 3 -25.71
20 Jason Valence D Peugeot Coupe Black 4 -2.39
25 Leigh Passalick E Holden Commodore Blue 1
2 Kelvin Jobling E Holden Commodore White 2 -3.07
716 Jesse Schifferle E Holden Commodore Black 3 -8.2
7 Craig Williams E Ford Falcon Ute Black 4 -3.9
23 Jeff Oldfield E Ford Falcon Red 5 -5.08
24 Karli Valence J Peugeot Coupe Black 1
16 Carolyn Donnan L Mitsubishi Lancer Silver 1 0.74
1 Adam Blake P Hyundai Excel Silver 1
36 Terrence Ingram P Holden Commodore Blue 2 -6.16
12 Charles Ingram P Holden Commodore Blue 3 -3.1
42 Ian Brain P Peugeot 205 GTI White 4 -4.87
4 Glenn Williams W Subaru Liberty White 1
19 Jake Valence W Subaru Impreza Black 2 -1.71
31 Adrian Coatsworth W Subaru WRX Silver 3 -1.23
10 Andrew Katz W Subaru Red 4 -7.82
32 Trevor Postlethwaite W Subaru Beige 5 -12.25

Results Sorted by Overall

Number Firstname Lastname Class Vehicle Colour Overall Difference
4 Glenn Williams W Subaru Liberty White 1
19 Jake Valence W Subaru Impreza Black 2 -1.71
31 Adrian Coatsworth W Subaru WRX Silver 3 -1.23
17 Chris Gibson D Mitsubishi Lancer Silver 4 -6.9
92 Neil Donnan D Ford Focus Hatch Silver 5 -0.87
10 Andrew Katz W Subaru Red 6 -0.05
25 Leigh Passalick E Holden Commodore Blue 7 -4.87
2 Kelvin Jobling E Holden Commodore White 8 -3.07
30 Reg Johnson C Mitsubishi Galant White 9 -4.18
32 Trevor Postlethwaite W Subaru Beige 10 -0.13
716 Jesse Schifferle E Holden Commodore Black 11 -3.89
7 Craig Williams E Ford Falcon Ute Black 12 -3.9
1 Adam Blake P Hyundai Excel Silver 13 -2.11
14 Glen King-Gee C Susuki Swift Red 14 -0.05
23 Jeff Oldfield E Ford Falcon Red 15 -2.92
64 Barry Middleton D Mitsubishi Lancer Blue 16 -0.54
16 Carolyn Donnan L Mitsubishi Lancer Silver 17 -2.04
20 Jason Valence D Peugeot Coupe Black 18 -0.35
36 Terrence Ingram P Holden Commodore Blue 19 -0.26
24 Karli Valence J Peugeot Coupe Black 20 -0.13
53 Neil Albert C Hyundai Excel Blue 21 -1.59
12 Charles Ingram P Holden Commodore Blue 22 -1.38
42 Ian Brain P Peugeot 205 GTI White 23 -4.87

 Last Months Guardian Newspaper Spread by Meagan McGregor

Just in case you missed it Scrutineer News: September 2017

Tips and Tricks:

Have a real good look at the photos taken on the track. Take particular note of where your car is placed. If it is nice and tight on the inside of the corner and is fairly straight then you are close to a good line and should get good drive out of the bend from here you can try a little faster in or a little slower in to get better drive out. If you are nice tidy in the middle and are getting good drive then nice. If you are all the way to outside and look absolute amazing throwing dirt like it is confetti  you will be losing time and drive but having a blast. My personal theory is to do a few laps same lane one after the other get a feel go a little deeper here and there then swap lanes do the same thing. But, we all have our processes and as long as you are enjoying yourself you are not too far off. Do not think that the track is going to be the same each time you come out. Always hold back a little on those first couple of runs. It only looks the same. The traction either lots of or none varies every time.

Next Bathurst enjoy

As a side note My Daughter Ehlana has been lucky enough to get hold of some tickets to Bathurst and she is taking me, so that is where I am heading this Thursday. Watch it closely and I will wave to you.


Please Read How to Enter
As the club continually grows and race day gets busier and busier, the committee has recently reviewed how we currently process race entries on the day to save double handling.
As you would know from previous emails the Club strongly encourages all those entering to use the MSA portal for race entries of which almost 50% of the field are now doing.

To speed up the entry process on the day we are asking all those racing to please get their car scrutineered prior to entering the club rooms to complete your race entry.
If you have not entered via the portal then you can collect a copy of the Supp Regs from Lyn Andrew from the club room. If you are taking a passenger or are being a passenger on the day then you can obtain a passenger form from Lyn Andrew also.

Please do not line up to see Lynne Paynter (event secretary) until you have had your car scrutineered and have the scrutineer form, completed the Supp Regs (please do not complete a hard copy if you have entered via the portal) and a passenger form if required. You will also need to have your MSA licence as well as your SHSCC current membership card.

You can go to SHSCC website and download the Supp Regs (if not entered via the portal) and a passenger form and complete prior to the day which will fast track you to entering. If you are not entering via the portal you can complete the Supp Regs and email to Lynne Paynter so we know you will be attending eventsecretary@swanhillsportingcarclub.com.au


The Swan Hill Sporting Car Club will, as of the August 2017 meeting, have EFTPOS facilities at the track. You will be able to use EFTPOS to pay race fees and to purchase food at the canteen (please note there is no cash withdrawals). Cards accepted:  Visa, Master and Debit/Eftpos cards.

So you are thinking of coming out what should I know.

First of all Cars

Your car is going to be scrutineered so it needs to be safe we are going to check that is has no loose items inside. The spare wheel and jack are removed, the battery is held in tight and the positive battery terminal is covered; that can be done with tape. There is a fire extinguisher bolted in and is reachable by the driver and in date. Tyres need to be good and steering and braking should be good.  There should also be a blue triangle marking the battery location and a red triangle front and rear making the tow points. If unregistered should also have bonnet pins.

Full Spec in Technical section of MSA

 The drivers and passengers are the same, you must be 14 years or older and will need to have a dot approved crash helmet, long sleeve shirt or jumper not nylon, long pants - jeans are good and leather top shoes. So, the them here is, stuff that does not burn easily.

To cover the legal bits we run under MSA Confederation of Australian Motorsport and as such all drivers need to be covered. So, a MSA licence is the go just to see if it is for you, there is a thing called a day Licence at a cost of $25 – seniors and juniors - which is then put towards a full 12 month one if you want to continue. You also need to be a member of the club which is currently around $45 for a single and $66.5 for a family per year but only after your first time out there. Then there are race fees for the day $37 for a single and $60 for a family living at the same address and is a dependent.

Passengers need to sign a form but that is free and passengers are only allowed in a Test and Tune event.

These are the basics for more details

We Love Our Sponsors:

Meagan from Get Reel Productions has a special offer for club members. A personal profile video where she will attend the track or another location and guarantee a minimum of 2 hours filming focused solely on the individual’s car, driving etc. The completed video is compacted into a 20-45 minute highlight reel complete with music, titles and special effect overlays. Normally priced at $250, Meagan is offering a 50% discount, available to club members for $125. Bookings are essential, please contact Meagan on 0438 615 077

Country Tracks 4WD Accessories & Exhaust Centre is located in Swan Hill and is renowned for offering a comprehensive range of accessories from the most credible and respected brands in the industry.  There are accessories for any 4WD vehicle and any type of 4WD user. Customers have the option of having the accessories fitted on the premises, thereby saving them valuable time and money.  14 Chapman Street, Swan Hill VIC 3585(03) 5032 1448 http://www.countrytracks.com.au/


Coburns Earthmoving specialises in earthmoving and excavations including dam construction, road construction, irrigation, subdivision and general earthworks throughout Victoria.

Contact: Gary Saville

Location: Nyah, Victoria

Telephone:03 5030 2234

Mobile:0427 302 957






Lazy River Motor Inn with over 2.5 acres and lots of parking.

Great for race cars on trailers!!! 188 Murray Valley Hwy Swan Hill Phone 5032 2123 www.lazyrivermotorinn.com.au





 We buy all types of scrap metal in all of Swan Hill, Kerang and the surrounds. Call us and we will come to you.
Swan Hill Scrap Metal buy all types of scrap metal, we can pick up from your business, farm or home. All metals including steel, farm machinery, engineering offcuts, data and electrical cable, aluminum, copper, lead batteries, brass or anything metal. Call us and we will do the hard work for you. We are open from Monday to Friday and are available on Saturdays by appointment only.

 (03)503249803 Quin Drive Swan Hill


Lyn Andrew Photography.

Photos taken at each race event are available for purchase. $20 for copy of all the pictures taken of your car that day with at least 5 edited pics if you supply the USB. $30 for the above if I supply the USB.




Race Day Clothing.

Drivers need to be aware that there are minimum standards for clothing on race day and that clothing standards are part of the scrutineering process. That means that if you are not dressed in your race gear when the car is being scrutineered, then you will have to produce what you are wearing. Below is a summary of what can and cannot be worn when racing. If these standards are not met then you will not pass scrutineering and will not be able to race.


Must meet Australian standards. In good condition. No cracks, dents or deep scratches and it cannot be painted. The lining must be in good condition. Fasteners need to be in good condition.


Drivers and passengers must be dressed in clothing that covers them from neck to ankle to wrists. The clothing can not be nylon. For example, long sleeved Visy tops cannot be worn.


Footwear can be either shoes or boots. Both need to have a leather upper but can have elastic sides. For example, pull on work boots are ok but nylon sneakers are not. Leather upper sneakers/runners are ok.


Club Apparel.

Polo Tops, Sweats and Hoodies are now available to order from Blue Sky in Swan Hill with club logo. Please allow adequate amount of time for them to take enough orders to do a run. Prices for the clothing will depend on the size. Logos are available for embroidery on the back (large) and on the front.

How to become an Offical

General Official’s Course- the club needs more Official’s. The first step in the process is to complete a General Official’s Course. Can you please make contact with Lynne Paynter who will advise C.A.M.S. and start the ball rolling.

How to obtain Working with Children Card

Working with Children

Membership infomation

Link to Membership information From Joining to MSA Licences

Web Site

Swan Hill Sporting Car Club has its own web site www.swanhillsportingcarclub.com.au

Please have a look around the site and see what it has to offer. 

Usefull Links  
Technical information  MSA Website
Victorian Club Autocross Series VCAS MSA Event Entry Portal
Swan Hill Sporting Car Club SHSCC SHSCC Facebook
Entry forms SHSCC Events (sup Regs) AUTOCROSS, HILL CLIMB, and SPEED EVENTS


For Sale

If you have something you want to sell or Buy Email: news@swanhillsportingcarclub.com.au

2000 lancer $1,200 Swan Hill

2000 lancer, race ready! Been stripped inside, Roll cage, racing seats and harness. Selling due to moving to W.A great little car
Asking $1200, any more information please call 0412415215


Autocross Buggy

$4500 Swan Hill
Ford Cleveland 302 with stage 2 Dynatec Cam 650 Holley
C4 transmission
Nissan Navara LSD diff
$4500 negotiable
Graham Pollard
0427 302083


If you have something you want to sell or Buy Email: news@swanhillsportingcarclub.com.au